How to save up for a decent life. Tips for everyone and everyone

How to save up for a decent life. Tips for everyone and everyone Statistics show that the number of financially wealthy people is a very small percentage:The rest live in the captivity of their illusions and life attitudes (which make it very difficult for them to get rich), while the bigwigs of bigmoney are able to throw money around like a lion.That's what it's like we've got rid of all those annoying "Big 5" whooping it up the income level (and turning us all into millionaires).So how do you get rid of the chronic lack of money? I will tell you about myself — I've been living off of a "financial cushion" for almost 10 years.And I can't do it alone. There are a lot of smart people who have been studying our topic for years, and with great pleasure write articles on it.Here are some practical ways to increase your income (so that you have money to support your family and live happily):1) Become an entrepreneurOur life is an opportunity realize yourself and your talents (as well as your debts and loans).Learn new information and gain practical experience.Only this will lead you to create meaningful financial capital (which will make you a very wealthy person).2) Start your own businessIt's very simple.Make a good habit of saving 10-20% of each of your earnings.Use this money to replenish your "financial cushion" and make regular investments.Buy every month currency, shares, and other financial instruments.This will allow you to gradually form an impressive capital, the income from which will fully support your entire family.3) Reduce your expensesYou should not keep your expenses on yourself. It is a mistake to keep track of them — to do this, you need to have a clear head and a "wishlist".Get yourself a notebook (open the Excel file or download it to your smartphone special app), where you can type in the amount that you need to spend immediately after you receive your salary.4) Give yourself freedom"Think about how you will be able to increase your income in the near future.When you get the next paycheck, think about how you will be able to:perform a mass purchase of needed items;do not spend more than you planned;make a decision to improve your Prof.skills (i.e. your salary, career, and professional skills).Executive SUMMARY:To make it easier for you to get started your journey of financial growth, gradually increase your active income (by regularly investing some of the money that you receive).This will allow you to gradually create an impressive amount of capital (the income from which will fully support you and your entire family). 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".